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Philia: Artists Rise Against Islamophobia is a music and arts collaboration project designed to bring awareness to the growing problem of Islamophobia. According to the Department of Justice, incidents of bullying, discrimination and hate crimes towards American Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim have dramatically increased over the past year.

Named after the Greek word for brotherly love, Philia aims to connect people through music and the arts, to promote the ideals of civic love and respect across America. Philia includes a vinyl album and digital release followed by multiple live concerts. Proceeds go to benefit the work of Unity Productions Foundation, a nationally recognized nonprofit educational organization that specializes in combating Islamophobia.


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Don Juan - Mac DeMarco

Aisha And The Knife - Drop Electric

Blade - Heems

Song With No Name (Shane MacGowan and The Popes Cover) - Hamilton Leithauser

Ma Be Ham Nemiresim (Googoosh Cover) - Khruangbin

Salamander - Fruit Bats

Sympathetic Resonance Small Leaks Sink Ships

Insanity  - Emel Mathlouthi

Mirror Fake - The Dodos

Lumiere - Vetiver

Karma Police (Radiohead Cover) John Vanderslice

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The project is produced by Michael Faul and his older brother Daniel Tutt. Michael recently started a music agency, Sub Rosa Curation, with a goal of teaming up his favorite bands with urgent social justice causes. Daniel has worked with the American Muslim community to combat Islamophobia for over a decade with various organizations including Unity Productions Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit produces films and educational campaigns aimed at increasing understanding among people of different faiths and cultures, especially among Muslims and other faiths.

With Sub Rosa’s background in label services and the ever growing urgency of UPF’s work, Michael and his team immediately received warm responses from artists concerned with rising Islamophobia in America, and the project has been gaining momentum since.

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Limited Edition

12'' Vinyl

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Daniel Tutt

UPF Programs Director and Producer



Michael Faul

Sub Rosa Curation Creative Director